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See morw in news update just posted here.

Crossed the main Bay around noon to reach Ensenada Carrizal -a lovely protected small bay with rocky sides and small beach at its far end.  Excellent snorkelling and sea caves to explore. Unfortunately too deep for my ground tackle, so on to Bahia de Santiago, with its long sandy beach, to anchor in 6m.  Several large dolphins came close, with distinctive blotched backs and light undersides.
While underway here, I was pleased to have managed some overdue cleaning of rusting screw heads under the hard top - looks so much better when it's all clean again.
Went to get out my swimsuit from the basin I'd left it in after hull cleaning off Isla Grande. ... Yuck...! Full of tiny creatures....
Peaceful sunset and evening, after lots of noisy Mexican beach fun reaching out to the boat.

Cargo vessel 'Atlantic Rainbow' overtook us well off the coast heading NW towards the sunset, just as we are. 

A few hours with the genoa giving a boost to our speed but otherwise solid motoring since leaving the anchorage at Isla Grande at oh-so-dark 5 a.m.. A tiny crescent moon as we left but plenty of stars to enjoy. Clear sky all day.

I was pleased to get some useful boatwork done this afternoon since the trip would have been totally boring otherwise.

Expecting to make Manzanillo early afternoon tomorrow - hoping the present good-sized swell will not make the anchorage in Santiago Bay too rolly.

Time for food - buen provecho!

Great evening of music last night at El Canto de la Sirena with Jose Luis Cobo & guest musicians.
Underway north now - left Zihua for Isla Grande in company with 'Gitane' - need to clean the genset inlet and check the prop, shaft & hull while in clean water.

Zihuatanejo Bay, Mexico Monday 13th March 2017

Genset overheated the other night so I'm needing to check the seawater pump impellor - but pump has to be removed to access the cover plate and see inside Big struggle, working in awkward position. Drive belt came off fairly easily to give movement of the unit so now final step is to remove pump from inlet and outlet water pipes - one off, one more to go. But, I have to say, the thought of relaxing with music over a glass of wine in company is far more attractive!

Once impellor is dealt with (replacing is a strong possibility) and all is back together again, next step will be to check whether seawater strainer needs priming to ensure no air lock in the system preventing water flow - tomorrow’s jobs. But for now, sunset beckons - with a Dark n Stormy and some suitable music…


Lovely to spend time with 'Fantasia' friends Karen & Stuart at the Guitar Fest on Wed... Dinghy to shore.. Children's afternoon Concert - great to meet up with Juanito & family there . Relaxed over lovely Margaritas with nachos and guacamole before walking up steep hill to evening 'gala' concert followed later by beach concert. On to 'La Sirena' to enjoy Jose Luis's playing. (Very late to bed!) Has been ten years since last chatted with Jose Luis and Juanito here!

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Anchoring off Punta de Mita, as planned, in the pitch dark of a moonless night, was neither feasible nor safe… so came on to La Cruz marina, with lines and fenders ready for tying up on either side. Cruiser friends here helped me negotiate the confusing entrance channel lights and tie up - thanks to Debra and Al, who came out in their dinghy, and several others who gave helpful comments! Sleep….!!

Soon after dawn, the sky cleared totally but the wind stayed ultra light at just 2-3 kt from NE.... so we've continued to motor solidly.
I decided to pass close by Isla Isabela to remind myself of the general layout and main anchorage in the S of the island. It's a bird reserve and a great place to chill out and enjoy snorkelling and walking. Boobies and frigate birds nest here and there are lots of iguanas. The high cliffs and dramatic stacks close offshore are white with guano.
I expect to make Punta de Mita soon after sunset to anchor there overnight before heading to La Cruz de Juanacaxtle tomorrow morning.

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Old Mazatlan Harbour approach with distinctive high Hill to N of entrance not long after leaving.
Was having a good sail until just before 6pm , often well over 6kt in a good wind but then the wind began to die and our speed dropped a good knot... Land cooling down now...so lessening the enhanced onshore breeze. Forecast is for lighter winds over next day or so so I expect to have to do some motoring before this passage is finished.

North wind up nicely now, so sailing at well over 6kt after beautiful clear night full of stars - Southern Cross and Milky Way clear to view.
Good-sized swell so we're rolling about rather a lot.
Hope to make Mazatlan soon after sunset today - with some daylight still, if I'm lucky.
Time for breakfast now after quick radio contact made earlier with two ham friends - one in California, the other in New Mexico.


0115 GMT/1815 LT was time of sunset tonight, as the Baja was left behind.
Wind has died but SW swell is quite pronounced, so a bit rolly.
Grey clouds over land ahead and astern but not much overhead
Air feels cool but it's 24C

3.30pm Saturday Wind blew up a bit more and rain got heavier - but not for long... calm now, although pressure has dropped a lot over last 6 hrs - to 1007 now. Definitely time for hot food - just had some nice hot soup in a mug & have put some dried beans in to soak for tomorrow.

Later, more wind and rain again - but by sunset all was gone.

Sunday morning - Pressure has risen steeply to 1016 and there's a S wind blowing here in the marina, about 10 kt, I guess. Very little cloud and forecast is benign so I'm thinking I'll leave today for Mazatlan - wind is expected to become N ~20kt by time I arrive tomorrow afternoon, with possible calms in between - we'll see!

Photos already posted of noisy osprey on top of my neighbour's mast this morning.

I got out my gri-gri, thinking to climb the mast before leaving, in case there's an 'easy fix' to the masthead problem but realised time was getting late for heading out - so decided to leave climbing until after I get to Mazatlan tomorrow.

Would be nice to have wind info - and going up will give me a chance to look at the furler problem while I'm up there... Means I might have to use the staysail in place of the genoa, but that's rather small.

In the meantime, having left the marina around 1pm, the wind soon died right back - but is still from S - not as forecast!

I've 'lost' one hour! I forgot that the southern half of the Baja is one hour ahead of Pacific Standard Time, PST ...... same as in Mazatlan, in fact. (We're in Central Standard Time, CST, now)

One noisy osprey has laid claim to my neighbour 's masthead.
And my masthead is looking decidedly weird, with the metal top plate holding the wind instrument and vhf swung around by 90 degrees.
Bright sunshine and slight breeze - think I'll leave for Mazatlan later this morning.




Nice to be able to sleep as long as I want without the need to set alarms to wake me up frequently!!

Have been checking on weather situation - doesn't look as though the really strong winds will reach here - although there was some heavy rain overnight - grey, with 15-20kt win and occasional light rain now, but nothing much. Friends in Turtle Bay had 30 kt S winds, gusting higher last night - they’d moved to the S anchorage for protection.

By Sun/Mon, winds will have veered to N and are expected to stay settled from there for several days, becoming 15-20kt over Mon & Tues - a good time to sail - possibly to Mazatlan.

Later in week, winds will be light from NW quadrant, so not such good sailing conditions for heading SE towards La Cruz, athough perfectly tenable.

San Jose marina is mainly about small sports fishing boats - lots of US and Canadian registered boats here, taking advantage of the good fishing off Cabo San Lucas. But this is an expensive place to be in, with high tourist prices….

One very wary, but tame, brown pelican on his home base dock in San Jose del Cabo . I was on my walk back from the friendly but distant marina office after checking in there. Several other cruising boats are here, waiting for the threatened storm to pass by - but that is looking increasingly like a non event - possibly hitting Bahia Magdalena, but no further S.
In the meantime, I'm relaxing.....

Found this slide from a sail batten end, that came out yesterday from the mast track, on deck at the foot of the mast - clearly pulled out from the batten end cover - plastic, with no metal insert? Not strong enough.
Bright sun today; air still feeling cold except in the sun. Sea calm, a slight West wind, motoring still - as expected. No whales seen yet but another cruise ship said plenty around Cabo San Lucas.
Needing to change propane supply tank to galley- gave out y'day just as I finished cooking - so enjoyed my steak & onions etc- all just nicely cooked - lucky!
Expecting to arrive at Cabo San Lucas around sunrise tomorrow. Winds are forecast to stay light at ~5kt until after then so even if they back to S-SW from present W, we should be OK since, after rounding the Cape, we'll be heading 15 mls NE to the safety of San Jose del Cabo with its marina & fuel dock.

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